Post 207: Stair Master

And lo! As the palace reached a great height and even more stones were set upon other stones, did King Sparky the First look upon the building. He saw that it was good. He saw that it would make King Wilbur of Goat Bottom green with envy. Green was not a good color for Wilbur.

Yet did the king pause to consider the lofty rooms above his head in the palace. He did stop a worker and asked, “Yea, knave! How does one climb to the next floor?” And the knave shuffled his feet and looked around for help, but found none. “You would need stairs, majesty.”

Sparky the First had heard of stairs, but never imagined he would ever need them. In the old palace, more of a great hall really, everything was on one level. “Do you know where I can find stairs, knave?”

“You could call the Stair Master, majesty,” replied the knave before dying of embarrassment.

Thus did the king consult the List of Craig, where often the Stair Master did sell enchantments.

staircase… delivery available

post 207 stairs

condition: good



Them are some nice stairs, Ralph! Hope they fit inside the palace.


8 thoughts on “Post 207: Stair Master

  1. Why do I suspect that “delivery is available” is due to none of the parts being longer than will fit in the back of a ’72 Corolla, and are held together with a mix of thumb KS and duct tape?

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  2. And, on this episode of Watery Towels, see the highjinks as Basil has O’Reilly remove the stairs Sybil hired Mr Stubbs to do a proper job of.

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  3. I will assume Sarky means Staircase Sr. who goes all the way to the 2nd floor and not Staircase Jr. who looks as though he just photobombed the picture.

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  4. This is still listed in the “free” section of NH craigslist; the King must have installed a levitator instead.

    I’m less bothered by Sparky flogging the stairs than how they were installed in the first place. That’s not a very architecturally sensitive appendage. Would it have cost that much more to do it right and still meet fire codes? Whoever built it is a head case.

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