Post 208: Snow Boat Snow Boat Snow Boat

Friends, I know times are hard. I know that when you look out your window and see nothing but snow, and it’s almost summer, I know that you feel sad. You feel low. You think, why did I buy that old boat, anyway? You think, why did I add the fish finder when I hate to fish?

And you think, The Speedo just didn’t work. So you lose faith in punctuation.

post 208 speedo

1977 reinel 18ft – $2500

I am trying to sell my boat it is a older boat in board out board mer cruiser 140hp but it runs great it has been winterized and blown out it has clean title for both trailer and boat with valid boat registration and perm tags on both it is in pretty good shape the interior is a lil weathered from last owner but since I have owned it it has been covered this is a reliable and I will be a good family boat seats six and for and older boat hauls ass. Speedo does not work but everything else does fish finder power trim etc

Thanks, OMV, keep sending in those awesome ads!


4 thoughts on “Post 208: Snow Boat Snow Boat Snow Boat

  1. Sparky (engine not specified) may be a good family boat, but trying to flog this almost 40-year old hulk at about 50% over book value in the winter is unlikely to get customers – even with an awesome Speedo.

    And (near his ass) Sparky did have a period at one point, which might get him(?) in bathroom trouble in North Carolina.

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  2. “and perm tags”
    This boat has some real issues if it’s growing hair.

    “this is a reliable”
    Since when did reliable become a noun?

    “boat hauls ass.”
    As stubborn as asses are, you are more likely to get a goat in your boat…and a goat might eat all that boat-hair for you so you don’t have to keep paying for perms.

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  3. Ooh, I can’t remember the last time I got to do a song parody:

    In board, out board,
    All around the boat,
    I’m including this great fish finder
    So you can find fish in the moat.
    It’s a little weathered,
    But if you drop me a note
    I’ll leave behind the Speedo and
    I will be a good family boat.

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