Post 209: Which Half Did You Get?

Times are hard, but pets are always in style. A family gets a dog or a cat, then something changes, and the animal is dumped in the parking lot at DisneyWorld. A trained squad of alligators patrols the parking lot and cleans up all the discarded pets.

By the way, before we had athletic shoes to compare them to, how did people tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles? I guess we’ll never know.

Looking for a dog share

We have a beautiful greater swiss mountain dog and we are looking for a family to share with us. . ..

I was in a injury on Dec 8th ( both arms) and I am finding it hard to commit to him full time. I have two children who adore him so we would like to see if perhaps somebody in the [Location] area would like to perhaps have him 2 days a week or we could do a week on a week off like I do with my kids?

I just thought I would put this out there as I am hoping for the best situation for everyone.

He is well trained, sits, stays, waits, shakes a paw – house trained – he’s super friendly with dogs, cats and people especially kids.

Anyway food for thought

Wait, you share your kids with another family? That’s kind of nice. I just wonder who is going to get to feed the big dog for a week. Thanks, NinjaChow, I’ll bet a good time will be had by all.


2 thoughts on “Post 209: Which Half Did You Get?

  1. So, when your arms heal (unless they were pulled off by an angry wookie halfway to Alderan), are you going to then terminate the “share”?

    Spark’, there is a name for the service you desire, it’s called fostering. The people who perform that labor have huge hearts, to allow them to rip a bit off every time a foster hoes home.

    Instead, just as you have joint custody of children (how are _they_ being fed and cared for Mx Bustedarms?), you wish to subdivide your dog as well?

    You don’t deserve a dog.

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