Post 210: Stop Labeling Me

These days, to get a decent education, a young person must go deeply into debt. There’s lots of time to pay the debt back, as long as you get a good job using that expensive degree. That being the problem, as by the time you finish school, your field will be obsolete. No job, no way to pay back the student loans.

But apparently Sparky can educate you for only a fin, which will pay for 173 Campbell Soup labels. Not sure how the labels manage the educating part. Guess I will have to buy them and find out.

Campbells Soup Labels – $5

post 210 labels

Lot Of 173 Campbells Soup Labels for education

They sure look pretty covering up that bed spread. Thanks, Lyle, for spotting the ad. It’s Souper!


4 thoughts on “Post 210: Stop Labeling Me

  1. The Labels for Education program is mostly ending July 31, but until then schools can trade these for equipment and supplies, One label = 1 point; an iPad is available for only 43,300 points. 173 labels = almost 1/2 of a box of crayons.

    The photo appears to show 164 labels. Sparky is both mathematically an aesthetically challenged, and I suspect used more than $5 worth of energy to produce the hot water to soak off those labels, so this ad is also an economics and environmental lesson.

    I suspect Sparky is slightly crazy, as usual: from soup to nuts.

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    • You can get a 64-count of Crayola brand crayons for $3. So Sparky is selling charity for higher than it is worth. Niiiiiccceeee… *slow clap*

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      • But it took Sparky months to collect and process these and the soup and shit out the results — isn’t that worth something in a capitalist society? Maybe to someone at a PTA meeting who wants to establish dominance by conspicuously depositing them one-by-one in the collection box?

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