Post 211: It’s Hip to be Square

Once upon a time, this old guy named Euclid decided to put a lot of names to shapes and figure out how to determine the square of the hippopotamus or something. And later, it was held to be true that all free citizens should master geometry, what Euclid called his stuff, so it became a standard requirement in higher education. I guess this is education week.

Basically you can call a spade a spade but you shouldn’t advertise a rectangle by calling it a square. Am I right?

29″X 46″X 1.5″ square mirror – $60

post 211 mirror

I have a square wood framed mirror, 29″ wide by 46′ tall and 1.5″ thick.

At least we have been spared reflecto porn. Thick is a good word for it. Thanks, OMV. This error is no reflection on you, of course.


4 thoughts on “Post 211: It’s Hip to be Square

  1. Well, it is not banananana shaled, so, in that sense, it’s “square,” as in bound by approximately right angle corners.

    Hmm, it could be that the mirror is right in all its affairs, and neither owes nor is owed monies, and thus, “square.”

    Perhaps, Spark’ is a tyrosine Scrabblist, and prefers the double letter score with the “qu” rather than the doubke-word score from either “rectangle” or “rectilinear. ”

    What I cannot help but wonder is, how many sparky will email to ask “where is the mirror? All I can see is a microwave?”

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