213: Sounds like a Party at Your House

It is rather amazing what people get away with on Craigslist. You are aware, I’m sure, that if someone says they will come to entertain you with party favors, they mean pay first. There are codes for selling weapons and for certain pharmaceuticals. I bet you could adopt a child if you wanted to.

This ad, however, is a little too blatant.

HD Lift Chain with Spreader – $150

This would be used by a crane to lift heavy items like air conditioners, etc.
Total length is 22 feet. chain 5/8″x 11′, cables 1/2″ x 11′.
All together weighs about 100#.
Call or e-mail with questions. No text please.
### ###-ate too 69

Heavy lifting. Hur hur hur. A spreader. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Ate too, sixty-nine. Say No More!

Appears chains are required, but whips are optional. You go, Sparky! Found in my local CL listings.


2 thoughts on “213: Sounds like a Party at Your House

  1. Clearly code for “something” aright.
    If I ‘m lifting heavy weights, particularly those wanting specialist rigging like a spreader bar, my first question is about lifting capacity/breaking weight.
    This not being a 30s Buster Keaton movie, I’m not lifting 800# of piano on a 100# breaking strength chain, even if it was a good deal on CL.

    100#, as if; those are size 3 shoes, too, huh?

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