Post 214: Plastered

Somewhere around the world, on the beaches of the world, wood that has been drifting on the tides washes up on shore. Some people comb the beaches and collect things like that. They have a very descriptive name for it.



post 214 lamps 1

PAIR OF VINTAGE PLASTER DRIFTWOOD LAMPS. These unique lamps are probably from the 1950’s. They are both in great working condition, some chips to the base, but not too noticeable. They measure 28″ tall x 11″ wide.


Please feel free to contact Shelly or Dan if you have any questions

Geez, Sparky, stop shouting about the damn lamps! I think the best thing to do here is throw them back in the ocean. Found in my local CL listings.

4 thoughts on “Post 214: Plastered

  1. Dunno, finding wood with that high a lime & cement content having floated ashore, has /some/ value.

    Dan & Shelly are not hip to sales, though, or else they would have put LED lamps in, so that these could be “energy saving earth friendly” plaster driftwood light fixtures.

    They’d probably have to double their beachcombing after that.

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    • Oh, they’re valuable capn, plaster trees are very rare. Finding two pieces of plaster driftwood with the exact same shape? Well, the odds are astronomical.

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