Post 216: Wake up Weed

In spite of growing up in the USA during the 1960s, I have never indulged in various recreational herbs. Nothing stronger than oregano for me. So there’s an awful lot of stuff I had never heard before. Luckily Sparky is around to teach me a lesson.

Today’s lesson is weed waking.

Jk bumper skid plate and Husqvarna weed waker.

post 216 weed waker

Free jk skid plate front bumper and Husqvarna weed waker.

Just Kidding! Didn’t learn anything from this ad. Except maybe that commas are not obsolete. Thanks, Ralph, keep the snark coming!

3 thoughts on “Post 216: Wake up Weed

  1. “Arise O ye scourge of lawns and crops er’ywhere! RISE up, extend rises & blooms to Sun; set loose your pollen in Baccanalic orgy of teplication!”

    Nope, sounds too Lovecraftian to me, even with a free skid plate and or bumper, which might be only japery.

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