Post 217: Free Whites

Today’s Sparky lesson is about capital letters and punctuation. Take any part of this ad and put the correct version in the comments. Come on, I know you can do it!

 dinning table with chairs 

post 217 free white

free white dinning tables and two chair

Oh, wait. This came from NinjaChow. Maybe Canada has repealed the use of upper case letters and those pesky marks in the text? Well, let’s assume not and go ahead with your work. Thanks NC!


6 thoughts on “Post 217: Free Whites

  1. Free, Fried, Faux Funny!
    I smell the sound of Canadian money!
    For one are tables or two is chair!
    I’ll take your dough if you don’t care!

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    • Well it may not be worth much but our money is much more colourful than yours. 🙂 (shinier too with the polymer bills)
      (Yes I know WordPress, you don’t like the Canadian spelling of colourful.)

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  2. Little boy Canuck come sell your kitchen.
    Your chair’s seeing double, your tables have been bitchin’.
    Put a free ad on a website called craigslist.
    Soon they’ll be gone, and you’ll no longer be pist.

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