Post 218: Dodge This, Mother Trucker

Our lesson for Friday before a long weekend is – If you have a wench in your life, you should love her, not bump her. I don’t care how many obos you play at one time. I don’t care how heavy duty she is or just why you have a headache rack.

You don’t deserve a newer model.

heavy duty wench bumper – $300

Heavy duty wench bumper and headache rack for a newer model dodge. Asking $300 obo for both. Will sell separately

This ad comes to us from our bumper expert, One Moving Violation. Thanks, One! Looks like you got a lot of good miles left.


5 thoughts on “Post 218: Dodge This, Mother Trucker

  1. Sparky got out of Dodge. He may have used the bumper and the rack for protection from this trailer, which does fancy skating jumps with a big wench.

    Unfortunately a 2 ton wench does not meet my needs, even if she’s never been used. I want something smaller, like an erection wench.

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  2. OMV will have noticed that there is no bumper in Spark’s ad. And neither wench nor winch besides.
    What is photographed is a front grille guard (aka brush guard), & a rear cab grille. That latter often called a headache rack, after the heavy duty rails used to protect cab occupants from sliding cargo.
    The item pictured will protest against, oh, a bushel of willow fronds, or perhaps as much as a metric tone of booby down.

    Not that substantial is in Spark’s forte.

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    • Up here in “OutaTexas”, we call grill guards deer catchers. When I first went to work at my current job, we had these on our SUVs. When we got some different models of SUVs, local management wanted them on those as well. Corporate however, wanting to cut costs, said no. Reason? Because if you hit another vehicle, you’ll cause more damage to that vehicle.(which, by the way, has never happened at this location as long as I’ve been here). Our clients however wanted them on our vehicles to help protect their employees. Our corporate tells their corporate, “Okay, you want them, you pay to put them on.” So, client corporate says, “Okay, we don’t want them because the airbag might not deploy when needed.” If they are put on properly, the airbags will deploy when needed. (solid collision with another vehicle), but not when hitting a deer. So now, instead of just replacing say, a headlight lens, now after a deer hit, we’re replacing headlights, grill, plastic bumper, hood, quarter panel, and sometimes a windshield. This is the way corporate saves money.

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      • So, if you would like a good, soft, non-offensive example of the use of a headache rack…

        (If you’re traveling in the Dallas/Woolworth™ area and some Yahoo™ Internet Explorer™ with a hyperlinked [search] engine cuts you off in traffic, you’ll be glad when that 2000 pound wench that you failed to use tie-downs on you got loaded into the back of your pick ’em up truck doesn’t come through your back window and slaps you in the back of your head.)

        …you’re not going to get one here.

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