Post 230: Hip to Have Square

Early adopters of new technology are often your typical nerd. Few social skills, make bad puns all the time, and think that threatening to delete your email is the worst thing they can do to a person. Lots of writers have the new Square thingie that turns your cell phone into a credit card reader, so we can sell books anywhere. Continue reading


Post 229: Kennel Club

One good thing about Craigslist is that you don’t have to justify why you want to sell or give something away. You just write up the ad and post it. Include a photo if possible. Give the details and the price. That’s it. Nothing else is required.

But no. Sparky had to passive-aggressively shame his poor fat old dog.

Dog Kennel Med large – $60

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 30x21x19

Medium large front entrance dog kennel
30 inches long
21 inches high
19 inches wide

Considering it’s Sparky’s fault the dog got so big, wouldn’t you think he’d be wise to keep his pet out of the photos? Thanks, NinjaChow, glad you spotted this one.