Post 220: Wascally Rabbets

The wonderful thing about rabbets

is rabbets are wonderful things.


Free rabbets to good home.

Good home = Non-smoking, non-Sparky, spell-check enabled. If you can’t spell the species, you shouldn’t even. Poor little floofyballs. Thanks, OMV, for the ad!


7 thoughts on “Post 220: Wascally Rabbets

  1. Really Sparky, it isn’t like you’re trying to spell chihuahua here. Like it says in the first rule of YSAC, if you can’t spell the name of your animal you shouldn’t have it.
    On an unrelated note, the ninja has welcomed a new baby brother into her pack, a Keeshond (even though spellcheck doesn’t like it that is how you spell it). Hope Windy will forgive me for not contributing much lately but puppies are exhausting.

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  2. Promiscuous? A rabbet, possibly. Certainlymoreso thana dado.

    In woodworking, a rabbet iss rectangular groove made on the edgeof a board. The hand plane usedfor this is known ss a rabbeting plane. Similar to a rabbet is a dado,a rectangular groove in the face plane of a board

    Dadoes are used to inset shelves betweenthe end panelsofcase work. Rabbets are usedfor thebacksofcase work,or for furniture tops.

    None of which finds a cudfly bunneh a decent home (unlessone crafted with fine woodworking)

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    • Before the use of fancy jigs on power tools, dovetails were cut and fitted by hand, which pretty much made them non-interchangeable, unlike much simpler rabbet joints. Pretty much any two pieces of wood of the same thickness and rabbeted by the same plane will mate promiscuously: hare today, slide on tomorrow.

      And a rabbet is also known as a rebate in Britain, creating comic possibilities for tooling bunnies, wooden or otherwise.


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