Post 221: Pookie Snoockies Voloca Bears

While working as a temp clerk in a cat-only veterinary clinic, I noticed that 60% of the cats were named Kitty. Let’s assume 10% of those were named by small children with no way to vocalize their imaginations. That’s like naming your kids Boy and Girl. Which worked for Tarzan. Boy Greystoke isn’t all that bad, really.

On the other hand, getting too imaginative is equally bad. No one knew what we were saying when our youngest cat was named Ceo, pronounced Kyo. I suppose if you can’t find a happy medium, you should just keep trying out names until something clicks.

Need new home ASAP for older Cat

Voloca (aka “Pookie Bears”) is a 12 year old pb Bombay black cat.
She spends he life snuggling and sleeping on her large post.
She is spayed and in good health. She is a short, fat compact kitty.

Her owner is ill and is moving away to the island to help her in her battle with her illness. Its always been a dream of hers to move to [Location]. Sadly, she is too ill and can not care for her friend Pookie Snoockies.

She is a senior kitty that needs a quiet place to loaf around. She likes to go outside for a stroll – but would do fine as an indoor kitty. She can not be in a house that is loud, has dogs, or has kids. (She hates dogs)

If you have a good home for her please feel free to phone or email. There is no rehoming fee…just a promise that you will love her and enjoy the most vocal (she is a bombay) lazy cat.

So, you can’t have loud kids because the cat hates dog. Sadly, the photo expired before I got around to posting this, but I think you can get the general idea of a pb black Bombay vocal lazy cat. She’d make a good substitute for your girlfriend who lives in Canada. Thanks for the post, NinjaChow! Back in the dawn of time.


4 thoughts on “Post 221: Pookie Snoockies Voloca Bears

  1. Cats really ought to have several names (you need a ‘ clean ‘ one for the v-e-t anyway).
    Knew a fellow who raised Heelers ,Dioge (D-O-G sounded out); Dawg, Beeyeteeaiche, and the like.

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