Post 222: I’ve Heard Worse

Single people are often shy about asking someone they like to go out or have a drink. A friend or relative, meaning to be helpful, will tell the single person, “The worst they can do is say no.”

If only that were true. To help singles harden their rejection skins, they should start calling Sparky and offering dinner and a show for whatever is being sold.

99 Honda 400ex 4-wheeler – $1200

This is a really good running 4-wheeler but it has defiantly been rode hard throughout its life. Defiantly has some cosmetic wear. 1200 obo. I’m open to trades. Just text me and shoot an offer the worst I can say is no.

Sparky, could you stand over here away from the 4 wheeler? Don’t want to hit it by mistake when I shoot you with this offer. And by offer, I mean shotgun. Thanks, OMV, we’ll have that cosmetic wear cleaned up in no time.

9 thoughts on “Post 222: I’ve Heard Worse

  1. The defiant ex has been rode hard and put away wet for 17 years, and now has some cosmetic wear? Sparky is making this too easy.


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