Post 224: On the Road to Sparkyville

Summertime! People want to get out of the city and go to cool, green, shady places! How can you afford to travel? It’s Simple!

Dear Travel Blog Person: I would like to write weekly blog posts about travel in Sparkyville. How much money will I make?

Increase Your Blogging Income

compensation: Weekly Pay

Most people love to travel so would it be OK if you included travel posts on your blog?

Writing travel blog posts will allow you to increase traffic & for those interested you can help book their to create a very lucrative side income & incense revenue sources for your blog. (This can work for you even if you don’t have a blog!) Please reply with your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

Okay, how does this work if I don’t have a blog? Help book their what? The chances are good this is not going to pan out, and that Sparky misspelled Weakly. I think I will pass.


7 thoughts on “Post 224: On the Road to Sparkyville

  1. Unless this is an ad for drug mules, booking their __ usually requires a Travel Agent’s license and insurance, and it’s hard to compete with the online giants. The days when you looked up flights on paper in the Official Airlines Guide and the airlines paid commissions are gone. I’m incensed about this revenue scam.

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  2. License? We doanneedno stinkin license!

    Genearl Contractor, architect, engineer–what could it hurt?

    You want incensed, timeand time again I see “builders” recommending that home ownersdo not need an architect. Justget a drafter to sketchthe lines,then follow IRC, and all is good. Balderdash.

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  3. First of all, I don’t want traffic to increase. It’s going to anyway because tourist season is coming on soon. When it does, driving in this valley will be like driving in rush (3)hour traffic in the D/FW area.
    Second of all, I don’t need any incense revenue for my blog because my blog doesn’t smell that bad. Besides, incense isn’t going to improve it as much as baking soda.
    Third of all, fences might run along property lines, but the posts don’t actually move. Travel posts is an oxymoron. ( Damn kids with their internets and their Spirographs™ and their newfangled lolcats and trolls.)

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