Post 225: This Breed is Full of It

I have had issues with reading pet adoption ads where the seller claims the dog is “fully vetted.” Uh, Sparky? While the word can be used that way, apparently, more often it means that something has been checked out and verified.

Let’s see if we can spot the equally poor use of language in this ad.

Full Breed Yorkie

Jax is a little over 7 months and in great health which means he is current with his shots. I’ve had thousands of people who’ve acted interested and keep flaking or I don’t feel like they will provide a good home for him. There is a rehoming fee which will somewhat assure me he is going to a good home. Don’t contact me unless you are serious…

All of the above. Okay, but to narrow it down, if your pet is current on all their shots, that does not mean they are in great health. They could have hip dysplasia or arthritis or a headache. As far as I know, no shots have been created to prevent cataracts, liver shunt, heart disease, or broken bones. So knock that shit off. I’m serious.


4 thoughts on “Post 225: This Breed is Full of It

  1. Spark claims goodhelth,ervo shots given. This sounds like an anti vaxxer playingthe crowd. What vet keeps givingshots to all the littersof puppies needed that “thousands” could have seen?
    Driving past the vet clinic does not qualify.
    Going to the VFW and letting the folks there give your puppy booze does not count either.
    Personally, think you need to be kicked into the neighborhood of Sirius, the Dog Star, so that Orion the hunter can keep an eye (and a spear) on you for something aproximating eternity.

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  2. So Jax is about 30 weeks old, huh? So according to law, Jax can’t be put up for adoption until 8 weeks old, right? So thousands of people have shown interest, right? So that’s multiple thousands and not just a single thousand, right? So lets take the smallest number of thousands we can use, and that would be two of them, right? So that’s two thousand people in twenty-two weeks checking out Jax, right? So out of ninety-one people per week, none were able to adopt young Jax, right? So, not one of them could or would get that cute little dog away from you, right? So those awful, horrible people left Jax with you? So, you really want me to believe you, huh? Well, that’s not going to happen, is it?

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  3. Sparky says Jax is a full breed instead of a pure breed. Perhaps the word “pure” is not in Sparky’s vocabulary. Perhaps this may tell us something about Sparky’s impure heart and mind. You know, Sparky is full of it!

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