Post 227: Give Sparky an Inch

Chairman: Members of the Board, we have before us a motion to switch to metric and make it the standard of measurements for all works and tools developed by our institution. Discussion?

Mr. Benchley: Mr. Chairman, I believe you are a right-thinking individual, but will the public go along with this? What will the consumers think of eliminating inches and feet?

Ms. Mesa: Will all respect to you, Mr. Benchley, I can’t imagine anyone not finding it easier to measure things in centimeters and meters, instead of inches and feet.

Mr. Benchley: Really? Well, just look at this.

6 chair dinning table – $500

Bought this counter height table a few years ago. Sat at it 2 times possibly. It has two table extensions, 6 chairs, and is in great condition. Measures about 8’10” long x 3″ wide with the extensions installed. Getting rid of because it is too big for just 2 people! Nothing wrong with this table! Purchased from the furniture store in moscow for $1200 asking $500. Must haul! Call, email, or text for more information

Ms. Mesa: That’s terrible! This will keep us from joining the rest of the world for centuries!

Chairman: Three inches wide? That’s not a table, that’s a balancing beam. I guess we’ll table this discussion for now. Meeting adjourned.

And thanks, OMV, for hauling this ad to my attention.



5 thoughts on “Post 227: Give Sparky an Inch

  1. Before the revolting pheasants went without pants, there was the loise, the French fathom. One sixth of that was a French foot (+/- 13.5″ apx 35cm).
    Which was not the same as l’peid de roi, the ‘royal’ foot, which was exactly 12.75″ (32.3cm at the time, exactly 1/3m until SI standardization.

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