Post 228: Dr. Sparkenstein

Designer dogs are all the rage in [Ish] these days, and we’re close to being able to clone a beloved pet so that we can always have that same pup by our side. Kind of freaks you out, right?

Instead of shutting down puppy mills, we’ll be signing petitions to shut down laboratories.

4 lab puppies

4 female black lab puppies, born on march 31st parents on site adoption fee will apply they will be ready by may 19

See, I thought there were seven puppies, but if they come from the lab, they might have extra legs and heads and other parts. It’s just not right!

Thanks, OMV, for bringing this horrific situation to our attention. Good boy!



4 thoughts on “Post 228: Dr. Sparkenstein

  1. Well, they’re sleepin’ in a corner of the bedding of their owner
    I’ve got seven puppies on my mind
    Four that want to lick me, two that want to sniff me
    One might be a friend of mine….

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  2. /Rant/ Having just ventured into the land of puppy hunting, Sparky is not as bad as some but doing the math on the dates he wants those puppies gone at 7 weeks old. I am astounded by the number of people who think it is okay to separate puppies from their mothers before 8 weeks at a minimum (way to often at 6 weeks old). (rolls up newspaper) Bad Sparky! /end rant/

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  3. There are four females, two males, and one that’s gender fluid. Don’t judge. You may have issues with fluids someday and hopefully nobody will rub your nose in it and toss you outside.

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