Post 230: Hip to Have Square

Early adopters of new technology are often your typical nerd. Few social skills, make bad puns all the time, and think that threatening to delete your email is the worst thing they can do to a person. Lots of writers have the new Square thingie that turns your cell phone into a credit card reader, so we can sell books anywhere.

Sparky, on the other hand, can take a credit card but not a photo of the item he’s selling.

large dog kennel – $60


nothing wrong with it at all.

Ad will be deleted when sold so please do NOT ask if I still have it or I will delete your email
I prefer cash but I have square so I may accept credit or debit (with photo ID)

Nothing wrong with it, wink wink. Why do I have to have photo ID when you can’t post a photo? You could even go on a site that sells the same thing and use their photo with the caveat that your kennel looks like this one. I’mma delete the ad. From my loco (er, local) Craigslist posts.

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