Post 231: Free All the Rockers!

As the US slides into yet another celebration of how free and independent we are, I thought I would feature free things or misunderstood things or things where the word doesn’t mean what Sparky thinks it means. You know, like always.

So here’s one that strikes fear into our US hearts because we thought it was a certain young, stupid, rude, semi-talented singer.

Free Canadian rocker

post 231 rocker

Free Canadian rocker
Email for address to pick up

Will leave out at end of driveway

Poor, sad, misunderstood rocker, left out at the end of the driveway. Thanks, Ralph. Can you please explain what makes this rocker Canadian?

8 thoughts on “Post 231: Free All the Rockers!

  1. It’s a deck chair from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?

    Actually, it’s a local term for this style of glider chair – Google it. I still cringed at the listing.

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  2. Windy was right, it is the young, stupid, rude, semi-talented singer. Sparky just used that picture as a bait and switch. Oh, and if you can’t pick it up at the end of the driveway I’m sure free shipping can be arranged.

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