Post 232: So Wrong

Some days you wear the wrong clothes. You pick out the wrong shoes. You go to the wrong store. You make the wrong turn. You take your lunch at the wrong time. You go to the golf course at the wrong time. And you use the wrong iron for an easy shot.

Just follow Sparky’s example and sell the thing on Craigslist.

Beautiful wrong iron basket – $22

post 232 wrong iron

Beautiful and solid black wrought iron basket. larger replica of the old fashioned egg collecting baskets. large enough to be used for magazines, towels, you name it. was used for staging for no longer required. originally purchased at chintz & co.

What has Sparky wrought that turned out so wrong? I think I saw that stage play, No Longer Required. Thanks, NinjaChow, keep them coming in.

5 thoughts on “Post 232: So Wrong

  1. Material fail. Iron, ductile (e.g. wright-able) iron is a rare product. Steel has virtually replaced it for being far more available as millstock, and for having fewer faults once made up (after you weld wrought iron, tbe welds are brittle; the act of welding can alzo lose the “temper” on the iron, too).

    So, this is a steel basket. It’s a hanging plant basket at that.

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