Post 243: Eugene the Jeep has been Found

Collectors are an odd sort of people. Depending on what the person collects, they will find things with the right image in any shape possible. For instance, people who collect cats will have clocks, phones, and pillows that look like cats. People who collect baseball memorabilia will have baseball chairs, baseball cups, and baseball helmets. And people who collect Popeye memorabilia will want to have this in their living room. Continue reading

Post 241: Summer in the City

As hot as SoCal in July has been, the rest of the country seems to be having a worse time of it. And the world is having a worse time than that. Pretty sure the only way to stay cool now is to move to Pluto, but by the time you get there, the heat wave will no doubt be over. Wifi is pretty iffy out on the former planet. But the heat is coming. Check out this graphic. Continue reading

Post 240: Well Defined

Scrapper, n. a person who removes or does away with scraps.

Ingunuitists, n. there are no results for this word.

Fe, Chemical symbol 1. iron.

Thus we see that two out of three times Sparky does not know what he is writing about. I present the following evidence.

scrappers and ingunuitists

I have alot of school bus seats I want to disappear.. They have the long back cushion with them I used aall the seat cushions so there is all the steel frames .could be useful for welding structural stuff. or scraped also the back cushions are in great shape and could be repurposed in a bunch of ways .
Come get em



Thanks, Ralph. Always amazing always Sparky, all the time.

Post 239: Product Recall

The mass production of food and other consumables has resulted in daily news about some item or other being recalled by the company. Hamburger is recalled for e coli contamination, children’s toys are recalled for lead-based paint, and the Solomon Islands are being recalled due to not enough life guards in their towns.

I am shocked that one of the most enjoyable shopping venues has yet to be recalled for the dangerous conditions we are exposed to there.

saw you at trader Joes tendonitis about 9 months ago – w4m

It was end of summer or early fall last year. I have fluffy brown hair, slender, can’t remember what I was wearing, maybe cutoffs.

You had longish hair, appeared to be late forties or early to mid fifties. We checked out at the same time after making eye contact earlier. You were cute and I wanted to meet you but my then boyfriend came in the store and I left feeling like I wished I could have met you, you looked so nice.

So glad Sparketta didn’t wait until a year had gone by to tell us about this horrible outbreak of tendonitis at Trader Joe’s. This being a military area, both navy and marines, people might have moved on by now.

Also, how do you have fluffy brown hair that is also slender? Thanks to my local CraigsList publications for this scintillating missed connections.