Post 233: Classics are Always in Style

I’m going to just put this up without much comment. It speaks for itself.

Armore – $300

post 233 amore

Excellent condition Armore made by brand name Hooker. Paid $1,200 plus tax originally. Great storage for miscellaneous stuff.
You will fall in love with the design and color.

I always thought Hooker Armore didn’t last. Thanks, OMV, another great YSaC classic.


7 thoughts on “Post 233: Classics are Always in Style

  1. Brand name hookers are often overpriced. You can find generic hookers of equal or better quality. And cabinetmakers or blacksmiths usually make better armore. Especially an armore witch is not a lion wardrobe.

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  2. Hey, how many draws does this armwar got?
    What? Why would crochet-ers need armor? I mean, really, an IFV at most…
    What, “not that kind”? That’s silly, the yarns would be forever snagging on mail…
    What, prozzies? Isn’t it the point that they are unarmored?
    Faugh, leave me alone and stop bothering the armoire lion.

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