Post 235: Absolutely Grate

This Sparky has only one thing for sale. He only has one way to sale it. His new TV is bigger than this one. His new TV was a present and cost him nothing.

Guess it’s expecting too much to see him give the old one away.

I’m selling my 32 inch Samsung LCD tv – $120

Hi I’m selling my Samsung t.v works grate we have had it for about 3 mounth and my son just got us a 50inch for Christmas so thought someone else could enjoy this one. My name is Rick send me a email if your interested

I’d be able to enjoy it more if it was free. Thanks, One, fun pictures! Love Rick’s choice in carpeting.


6 thoughts on “Post 235: Absolutely Grate

  1. If my interested, what?
    While my curiosity is piqued at the thought of your Ronco device, I’d want substantially more verification of picture quality than your mere say-so.

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  2. So I only just learned of YSaC’s demise (*sniff*) and saw Windy put this site up, so since I kinda wanted to come back to the fold, and the fold is no more, I’mma come here instead. Maybe I’ll bring the Genie Pigs. 🙂

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