Post 241: Summer in the City

As hot as SoCal in July has been, the rest of the country seems to be having a worse time of it. And the world is having a worse time than that. Pretty sure the only way to stay cool now is to move to Pluto, but by the time you get there, the heat wave will no doubt be over. Wifi is pretty iffy out on the former planet. But the heat is coming. Check out this graphic.

post 241 fanes weather

So knowing a metric sh!t ton of heat is on the way, what’s the first thing you should do? That’s right, sell a typo on Craigslist.

Fanes – $10

one for $5 both for $10

Oh, and don’t use punctuation, capitals, or sentence structure. Makes you look needy and easily swindled.

Thanks, OMV, for the excellent subject matter.


12 thoughts on “Post 241: Summer in the City

  1. fane (fān/) – noun (archaic) – plural noun: fanes: a temple or shrine.

    So is this one of those polytheistic religions where it’s okay to worship multiple deities? Because clearly those two fanes are intended for different gods. On the right, the fane of whatever variant of Anubis this religion worships, and on the left, the the fane of the God of 80s Home Fashion Accessories.

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    • Probably not from a polytheistic religion; possibly from a polyethylene religion.

      In the immortal words of the Prophet:

      “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word…. Plastics.”

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      • O Great Prophet Tetraphthalate, let us bask in the flapping streamers attached to your face. Give us the ability to be cool when the heat is on, inside our heads, on every beat, and the beat’s so loud. Grant us that we may never tire of speaking through your spinning plastic blades so that we sound like Daleks. May dust never clog your armature, may your head always oscillate a full 70°, and may your speeds ever be three. Ahhhmen.

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  2. To fane or not to dane
    That is the question
    Struck most profane.
    W’eth’r nobler to ask
    Working condition
    Or to assume room temp
    E’en vibrant hues such
    Dith matter much
    In the slings and arrows
    Of sensible discourse.
    O to sleep, perchance
    To dream a world free.

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  3. Up here in the land of beached feet we have been having one of the coolest summers in a long time so I have no need of Sparky’s fanes. While many are complaining about the cooler cloudy weather the Ninja and the new pup are quite enjoying it.

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