Post 242: Sipping Cider

Who knew? Trees grow in an orchard. Apples grow on trees. Pressed apples produce apple juice, which can then be made into cider. But now it seems you can get cider from blocks!

More Free cider blocks

post 242 cider blocks

More free cider blocks at XX White Birch Ln., Farmington. Approximately 30 blocks at the end of the driveway. Good clean fill. No need to come to door just take. Ad Will be down when blacks are gone.

Ralph shares that “According to Wikipedia, Farmington had 6,786 people as of the 2010 census, including all of 0.5% African American.” Maybe that address should be White John Birch Ln? Go back where you came from, Sparky. This has been another episode in the Ralph Finds Weird Things program.

8 thoughts on “Post 242: Sipping Cider

  1. Idiot on so many levels.
    First, such blocks are no longer made from cinders and such similar dross and leavings. They are made of concrete to known and predictable strengths. Hence the name: Concrete Masonry Units, or CMU.

    Secondly, CMU are modular; they come in distinct size cohorts. If I’m looking for 8x16x8 blocks and I go all the way across Ish and into John Birch Hills’ gated enclave, I’m not going to be be real happy to find Spark only has 12x16x8 blocks.
    Unless I get to block in his door.

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  2. [corey: More from Wikipedia: “… the town has a disproportionate share of the county’s low income residents living just above the poverty line, and a disproportionately small share of the county’s affluent households.” The nearby towns talk about “those pointy-headed !@#%$ from Fahmington.” Unfortunately, Sparky is right at home there, although overall it’s just a relatively quiet town and there are worse places in the state.

    This has been your New Hampshire in cider report. /corey]

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  3. And why wasn’t it XXX White Birch Lane to match the 30 some blocks at the end of the driveway? Besides, when the cider is strong, don’t you put it in jugs with XXX on them?


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