Post 243: Eugene the Jeep has been Found

Collectors are an odd sort of people. Depending on what the person collects, they will find things with the right image in any shape possible. For instance, people who collect cats will have clocks, phones, and pillows that look like cats. People who collect baseball memorabilia will have baseball chairs, baseball cups, and baseball helmets. And people who collect Popeye memorabilia will want to have this in their living room.

FREE 1940s Willys Jeep for parts or decor

condition: salvage

This 1940s collectible Willys Jeep could be restored or can be used for parts or even decor. You would need to tow it away. This is part of an estate and the paperwork is missing.

NinjaChow, you Canadian collectors are the coolest! Thanks for the ideas on how to decorate the den. Now, how much will it cost to have this towed to California?


11 thoughts on “Post 243: Eugene the Jeep has been Found

  1. Spark also nees to not use a “salvage” camera.
    A person might imagine that potential future possessors of this item would want to see more than just odd corners and crannies (and whoever that is taking the good stuff out of the back).

    Spark has managed to spell the Willys name correctly–ought to, as it’s embossed on the bodywork in several places on genuine vehicles. Which also neatly dodged the controversy over just how the name is pronounced (wih LEES or WIL es).

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  2. Gee, Spark, think you could have taken a picture of the whole vehicle, or are you intending to only offer up the bits you have not Texas Chainsaw Massacred (just _what_ is that dude doing in that one picture?)

    Spelt “Willys” correctly–but, it’s embossed in several place on the vehicle.

    Did not enter the debate on the pronunciation of the name, though–one camp insists it’s wih LEES, the other WILL es.

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