Post 244: Rock My World

The worst thing that can happen when you get engaged is find out your ring is nothing but a big, fake rock. Sure, it sparkles in the sunlight and turns heads wherever you go. If it’s not real, can the love behind it last?

And how did it get this ect all over it?

Large Fake rock. make best offer – $20

Fake rock. Great for covering sprinkler valves ect

Gray color

$70 for a new one this size asking $20 or best offer

rock, landscaping, sprinkler cover


Oh, Sparky, all is lost. There are not enough obos in the world to fix this one. From my local Craigslist.


3 thoughts on “Post 244: Rock My World

  1. No, Spark’ $70 is for the convincing fake rocks. Your political prison made whatever it is, is not worth the gas to drive it to Recycling (especially when it’s found to contain hazardous waste, toxins, and orphan’s tears). See, Spark, you made North Korean orphans cry–go to your room and think about what you did!

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