Post 245: Coupe de Quail

I found this ad very inviting. If it didn’t need work, I would no doubt be buying it now. Plus it’s not in my county. And it’s not safe if it startles me every time I see it. Wonder why it separated from its roof?

Guess the roof took all the photos when it left.

Aviary – $20 ([Location])

make / manufacturer: Homemade
model name / number: None
size / dimensions: 5′ x 4′ x 3′

Selling our quail cage aviary. Needs work but could give you a good start. Plastic roof let’s invite and is separate from cage.

I bet I know what happened to the quail. A lot of good eating on one of them. From my local Craigslist.


4 thoughts on “Post 245: Coupe de Quail

  1. Spellcheck probably converted “lets in lite” to “let’s invite.” Which begs the question of why Sparky thinks quail need beer.

    However separated, quail and John Cage sound pretty much the same to me anyway.

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