Post 258: Uh. Er. Um.

Folks, it’s like this. I can spend all my time on Craigslist looking for scary/funny/unbelievable things to post here. Or you can be an official minion and find them for me. The pay is low, in fact, all you get is the pride to say “I am a minion in Sparkyville”. Also, you get the satisfaction of knowing you help keep this historic and entertaining blog going. In an election year. Continue reading

Post 257: Looks Nothing Like T. Roosevelt

A real, authentic Coach bag in excellent shape could be sold for close to the original cost of a brazillion dollars. Likewise, an authentic Rolodex watch can be jacked and then sold on the slightly less legitimate market for as much or more than you can buy one in a store. People are often looking for the resale value of items when they buy them. Continue reading