Post 246: Don’t Fence Me In

At the end of this year, it will be 2 years since You Suck at Craigslist hung up the keyboard. I’m enjoying this attempt to be similar yet different. Different in that the comments haven’t taken off like YSaC did. And of course, my knowledge of music, art, and roller derby cannot compare to what the Llamanun and Ostrimu brought to their blog.

Without their guiding humor, I guess I am a little rusty at this.

2 Large Dog Fences- Keeps the Sticky Kids away from Your Dog

Large (42″ H x 24″ W) Size
Overall: 42″ H x 59.5″ D
Panel: 42″ H x 24″ W
Overall Product Weight: 32 lbs

Description from Website.
I believe this is accurate. We used this fencing for years when RV’ing and recently as a backyard divider in a duplex. Good and reliable, can stand on it’s own in an accordion style and strengthened by staking. These fences have seen their fair share of Vancouver so a bit rusty but aren’t we all as time passes.

Asking $25 for each one firm.

No I cannot Deliver or hold them for anyone.
Can sell separately but would prefer together for $45 firm.
Please provide name and contact info and when you could come to pick up.

Wait! I’m not rusty! I’m sticky! What a relief. Many thanks to NinjaChow who submitted this one with the note, “I would really like to hear the story behind the sticky kids vs. dogs. Maybe Mindfield can create one for us.”


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