Post 248: Canoe or Can’t Oe?

This week we have been in a pets theme. However, some people think of their cars and motorcycles as their pets. And some people think of their boats as their flat-bottomed white female dog.

Canoe Indian Brand

15-16′ flat bottom canoe ( no paddles) white like bitch color. No clue what condition, its older condition but I never used it personally ?? was a relatives and sitting for a couple years. If anyone would like it contact me to pick it up as is

Happy Friday, kids! Thanks, Ralph, for your usual outstanding contribution.


3 thoughts on “Post 248: Canoe or Can’t Oe?

  1. What kind of ad is that? No mention of whether the canoe is up to date on its shots, if it’s been paper trained, any existing health issues, etc. Maybe he’d have better luck selling his canoe bitch if he played that damn Sarah McLaughlan song behind the ad and changed the narrative a bit. ” Every day, hundreds of female flat-bottomed canoes are wounded or even killed by illegal poachers just to harvest their paddles. But you can help. For just a few dollars a day, you can adopt an paddle-less flat-bottomed canoe and give it the love it needs, plus maybe a new pair of paddles. Call now, and save a flat-bottomed canoe today.”

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  2. “…sitting for a couple years.” Did the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog, and why didn’t Sparky play fetch?

    [corey: Most Indian brand canoes were made of chopped fiberglass sprayed over a mold (“spray-chop”), which left them easy to crack or puncture. The fake birch color helped hide the poor quality. They are very heavy – car topping one is a bitch. /corey]

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