Post 251: Started Out as a Great Dane

Oh, Sparkyetta! Sure, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has a bad day at work. Everyone needs to stop drinking on the job.

No one puts up their shame on Craigslist – Wait a minute. Oh, that’s right. Yes, they do.

? ? Groom your pet? ? ✂✂

Hello:) My name is Leah and am a highly skilled dog and cat groomer and have been active in the profession for 16 years. I am happy to now be offering Top Quality, Gentle,friendly,stress-free Professional Pet grooming from my quiet home based Shop.

post 251 poor sad puppy

***Available for all your pets grooming needs 6 days a week **

BOARDING also available
By appointment only please
Its completely your decision whether you would like a BATH & TIDY UP or FULL GROOMING

***Bath and Tidy up’s ALWAYS includes:
nail trim
ear cleaning
NO TRIMMING on body, EXCEPT for Eyes,Pads and Bum.

***Full Grooming ALWAYS includes:
nail trim
ear cleaning
teeth brushing
anal glands (if needed/requested)
Full Body Hair trim
***Includes Breed Specific Clips***

Please call, email or text me anytime to book an appointment to have your beloved pet look and feel its best .You most definately will be happy you did! 🙂

thanks for looking, i truly appreciate it

warm regards,

Thanks, NinjaChow, for the ad. Pretty sure you can’t give us a positive customer comment. Because you are smarter than the average CL peruser.


5 thoughts on “Post 251: Started Out as a Great Dane

  1. So, Leah, you’ve been doing this for a decade and a half and you are only _now_ offering Total Quality?
    What fraction of Quality were you providing before?
    Was there some sort of pet care epiphany you went through?
    Since you are clearly off books, can you clean up these pit bulls? They only bit Mike Vick the once. Each. Allegedly.

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