Post 252: Virtual Cleanliness is Next to the Propane Cylinder

We have a long-standing tradition in the Sparky Shaming world of misunderstanding terms used for various vehicles sold as parts. Or given away as a unit. We had a minty shell and van that had no reverse. We had The Grand Cherokee of the Beast. A Mustang that went zooom in the night. A VW Golf with a smashed in front that still worked perfectly. And one of my favorites, ads for the same make of car all spelled differently: HYUNDIA/hunday/HUYNDAY.

So with tears of fond memories in my eyes, I give you:

Free miata tub

Rear panels are in great shape no dents all straight. Rest of the car has been removed from the tub. Doesn’t come with plates, vin or papers. We can put on trailer or flat bed for you to haul away

You know, if I were a nice person, I’d give you links to the history of YSaC so you could go enjoy those posts again. But I think that would detract from your fun in sifting through all the wonderful treats waiting for you back there. Really. That’s my story, and I am sticking to it. Found this on my local CL.


5 thoughts on “Post 252: Virtual Cleanliness is Next to the Propane Cylinder

  1. In this case, Sparky is not misunderstanding terms, but using jargon. From the Automotive Dictionary:

    “Body tub
    The bare body shell (minus the doors, trunk lid, hood, fenders) which is lowered onto the chassis at the time of assembly. ”

    No year is listed and the tub is trashed in front. You get two usable rear panels, a possibly usable windshield, and some scrap metal.

    Yard art!

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