Post 253: Haul Away, Sparky!

I have a yard full of stuff that someday I will be paying someone to clear out for me. Today is not that day. Because I am here, typing this, instead of calling around for the best price. Or thinking up ways to post my junk on Craigslist so that someone will WANT to come get it for free!

Who am I kidding? I could never stoop so low. Not since I put my back out hauling crap out of my yard.

Free boat

post 253 boat

23′ Sea Ray cubby cabin. No trailer, haul it away a sap.

Now just a cotton picking minute there, Sparky! Don’t go insulting the help before they even show up. I doubt anyone will come and get this awesome boat if you call them a sap for doing that. Thanks, Ralph, stellar find in the wilds of New England.



2 thoughts on “Post 253: Haul Away, Sparky!

  1. This should be in Missed Connections, for the oerso tbat has a SeaRsy trailer and no boat.
    Boat tailers tend to be specialized, so, people seldon keep $500 trailers around without a matching boat.
    Roger the Shrubber is not going to be leafing the Free section and go, why, I have a suitable two axle Class III trailer!

    That, and it does not look like there’s a lot of road access. So, this “boon” probably needs to be drug back to whatever body of water that is in that photo.

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  2. The last I heard, Cubby is living on the West Coast, not in a cabin in a derelict boat stranded by a high tide or a drunk driver. He’s not a sap.

    [corey: The listing boat listing is confuddled. A small cabin on a boat, usually with minimal headroom, is called a “cuddy cabin.” And you would be a sap to take this boat without knowing what condition the interior, motor, and outdrive are in. It’s probably over 20 years old, not worth fixing, and expensive to dispose of.

    First, see SeaRay. See if SeaRay seaworthy. See if seaworthy SeaRay in suitable site for shipment. See if shipping seaworthy SeaRay somehow makes sense. Secure Sparky’s signature and scoot. Not sure? Skedaddle. /corey]

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