Post 254: About a Yard

Friends, when life is getting rough and grey, when all around you is falling to pieces, and you feel kind of square, don’t be sad. Get rid of the rocks on Craigslist, but make sure to specify the new owner must take all. ALL!

Or there will be consequences.

Free rocks,

About a yard. Square kind of dark grey rocks,, must take all, u pick.

Hold on, Sparky. First, you say must take all, then you say I can pick the ones I want. Make up my mind! I gotta stop checking my local CL. Too scary.


4 thoughts on “Post 254: About a Yard

  1. Sparky dreamed. He dreamed of the day he would be taken seriously. Seen as the truly great leader he was meant to be.
    Then it came to him–the rocks!
    He would get someone to load up the rocks. Sparky would then be able to flaunt his greatness by being able to point and say “And that one, too.” “That grey one as well.” That would show that hussy Brunhilde down the street, always bragging up her job at the feather farm.
    Now, how to summon his dutiful minions . . . ?

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  2. There once was a sparky with gall
    with rocks, so on Craigslist did call
    They’re free, that’s the payoff
    please come get my rocks off…
    …my land, and you must take them all

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