Post 255: Something’s Missing

Love is a many splendor’d thing. Lust, however, is rather icky and so very wrong in print. For examples, I present the following mating calls of the male of the species.

Nautical Bean Beauty – m4w

California : California

age: 55

You were quite a site. We both ate at NB. If you can describe who I am I will be elated to connect up with you.

Observe how the older male uses big words yet manages to use a small word incorrectly. Unless, of course, he does mean to imply she is a location.

Black chick on 76 – m4w

Seen you last week . You were driving a new Ford Fiesta that you bought from [Location] it said. Me white guy. We gazed into each other’s eyes. I want you!

Me white guy, you black chick. A match made in [Location]. Hope the gazing into each other’s eyes happened while traffic was not moving. And dude, stop talking to the car.

Saw You Naked At Black’s Beach… – m4w (Black’s)

body : athletic

age: 35

…and it was amazing, watching you relax, worshipping the sun, sweat glistening down the sides of you breasts onto your shoulders, lovely thighs swaying in the water as you dance with the waves…freedom yes, it tastes sweet…perhaps we can dance together…

If a woman has sweat dripping down the sides of her breasts and it lands on her shoulders, you might think those are not her real tracts of land. Also if her thighs are swaying at the same time, she’s probably not from around this solar system. Just saying.

2 thoughts on “Post 255: Something’s Missing

  1. A site by any othe name
    Is not a sight
    The thorniness of words
    Oft prick’d hard the over enthusiastic suitor
    Befuddled by auto or bloom therein
    Or engorged by the rushing wave
    Imagining neap when ebb was nigh.
    Scant wonder teen Capulet took poison.

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  2. Sparky #1: I wasn’t even there and I can describe who you are. You’re the creepy middle-aged dude who thinks that a beautiful woman (who I’m guessing was half your age) even noticed you.

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