Post 256: Sparky in Love

Now we will see how the female of the species solicits male companionship. Well, not see, actually. No one wants that. We’ll just read the ads and go from there.

[Location] Gas Station – w4m

body : fit height : 5’8″ (172cm) status : single Red head : Turquoise tank top

age: 35

You’re a tall heavily tattooed man in a Silver truck. You waved at me as you turned left out of the shell gas station next to Jack in the box in S San Clemente. You left the door to the gas tank open on your truck. I was in a silver VW sedan as my friend with grey hair and a black tank top washed the windshield. You have a facial piercing and I was wearing black sun glasses. If this is you please tell me about my sunglasses and you’re piercing. I would love to get the chance to meet and get to know you.

She is a red head turquoise tank top. She wants her sunglasses to meet his piercing. But the most amazing coincidence is that they both drive silver things!

A red-headed Marine named Bryan – w4m (California)

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. I’m not even sure that I have the accurate zip code.
At any rate, I’m wondering if there’s a chance in hell that anyone knows a red head named Bryan? He’s 29, is a Marine, wears glasses, is studying accounting right now and works at an auto body shop while he finishes up his undergraduate degree. He loves guns, trucks and is a Jack Daniels enthusiast. (I know, I know. I’m aware that this describes literally thousands of people.)
If ya know someone who might be Bryan, will you clue him in on this post? I need to offer him an apology for being an asshole. And if you claim to be him, you’ll have a few questions to answer so that I’ll know if it’s legitimate.
1. Where did we meet?
2. What did we talk about?
3. How far can I shoot a high powered rifle?
4. Where do I live?
5. What’s my football team?

Thanks, Tara

No, Tara, thank YOU! There’s nothing a marine likes more than playing 20 questions with someone who was an asshole to them. This one is in the bag.

And finally, this lonely cry for help and poets.

MC sucks now – w4m

Missed Connections used to have some real, raw confessions of love. Now it’s just shit. Is technology really desensitizing and dumbing down people?

I feel more alone than ever.

Poets, believers of love, unrequited lovers of MC, where have you gone? Come back, please.

Ironically, instead of going to the library or a poetry group, this sad, lonely person used the computer and Craigslist to talk about how technology is the problem. Way to go, Sparketta!


2 thoughts on “Post 256: Sparky in Love

  1. Oh, how fickle the Rose
    To prick so cruelly–
    Doth I not pierce-ed be?
    Fie, O fie, a figgin for these
    Accurse-ed sunglasses
    Ere the Shell by Jack in the Box
    Be nigh.
    And wither sore wounded sea soldier
    Ere lust’s causes now regret?
    But, none so base as would not
    Breach dread Harfleur
    But instead invoke polluted prose
    And wretch-ed posey upon
    Lovelorn readers.
    So, dreams, perchance to sleep
    To not be by being
    Slings and arrows anon
    Exeunt Sparkie

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