Post 259: All Ye Outs in Free

Lurkers. People who read the blog, get a good laugh, read the comments, but NEVER leave a comment themselves. It happens everywhere. Even HuffPost which is rated as the #1 blog on the web this year has millions of readers who never comment.

They get 21 unique viewers per day, but do they have that many new comments? I don’t think so. So here’s my challenge to you LURKERS. Step up to the plate and say hello if nothing else. Do that and you can be a double minion! Wow!

Troddle Bed (L and back again)

post 259 troddle bed

Free for the taking. Call or text. No e-mails please.

No. No, that’s not a troddle bed. It’s more of a day bed. And it’s small, like for a toddler. Wait, is that what– ? Sparky, do not TRODDLE on your TODDLER! Yikes. Someone call CPS. Thanks, Ralph! Awesome parenting skills on display here.

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