Post 269: Castle Arrrrgggghhhh

Appliances are just the worst thing ever invented. You can’t live without them any longer. But when they stop working, what do you do? You have to go buy a new one and hope the delivery service will haul away your trash.

Or, I guess, you could list it on that place online.

 Free dryer


Kenmoren dryer. Worked fine until I slid a door beside it in laundry room. Free to take asap. Must move yourself from 2nd floor. Dryer lint on dryer from hose….guc

Dude! Don’t ever slide a door beside a Kenmoren dryer! It says so right on the lid, on the inside. Sure, you have to climb in to read it, but. . . oh, that would explain the guc.

Thanks, NinjaChow. This whole experience has been too hot for me.


2 thoughts on “Post 269: Castle Arrrrgggghhhh

  1. It appears that when Sparky the moren slid the door, it knocked the vent hose off the dryer. This catastrophe requires getting a new appliance, even when that 30 year-old model works fine.

    And what if I don’t go to the 2nd floor so I don’t have to move myself from there?

    Apparently, “guc” is an acronym for “God’s unwanted children,” which may explain the clothes hanger.

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  2. [quote]Worked fine until I slid a door beside it in laundry room[/quote]

    I really want to know how this sentence read before autocorrect “fixed” it.

    Ok, no, I don’t [i]really[/i] want to know.

    So. I’m like a cat faced with a closed door.

    Is it wrong I want to spit a hairball in Spark’s shoe?

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