Post 274: Shut Up!

Punctuation is vital in communications. I am sure you seen lots of cute memes about using commas to you don’t help your uncle jack off a horse. But commas also help whoever is stuck listening to you get a word in edgewise.

This Sparky is totally lost in contemplation of his or her own verbiage.

Husky for rehome


I’m needing to rehome my husky asap he was going to be a service dog but has washed out due to being nervous around children he is fine for a day or 2 with young kids but living with one is out of the question for him so needs a home with older kids and or someone who is single and wants a companion he is good with other dog so long as they don’t get aggressive towards him would be better if there’s a dog it be female he isn’t fixed so your dog would need to be fixed as well as he will also need to be fixed as soon as you can get him fixed he is 3 years old he was abused till he was one then rescued by the guy I adopted him from he is an awesome dog with his people would be great with a female owner or both male and female owner as he likes women lol he will need his shots updated was told he had his puppy shots but nothing after that he is pretty good on leash but if he sees anther dog all he wants to do is go and play he isn’t good off leash so a yard or someone with a tie out as he’s good with being tied to go to the bathroom he is good at finding ways to get out so need to have the fence secure and watch him he doesn’t know how to play with toys but loves to be pet and be around you he is allergic to chicken so needs a food with no chicken so would need to read the ingredients in his food I can tell you what he’s on now it’s from Costco email me if interested in him

That dog isn’t nervous around children, it’s SPARKY who won’t SHUT UP that is making him crazy. Somebody rescue that pup now! Why does he have to be tied to go to the bathroom?

Thanks, NinjaChow. You’re performing a valuable service to the world.


5 thoughts on “Post 274: Shut Up!

  1. Maybe this was written by the dog, a possible descendant of William Gladstone, who Benjamin Disreali decribed as: “A sophistical rhetorician, inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination that can at all times command an interminable and inconsistent series of arguments to malign an opponent and to glorify himself.” (Some things in politics don’t change.)

    At least the first letter in the non-sentence is capitalized.

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  2. Well, commas are not a common bit of canine speach patterns. They also tend to run on sentance structure, too. Excepting when they shift to Beat diction, and all punctuation becomes either exclamation points or question marks.

    Go ahead, ask the dog, see how they respond.

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  3. I really like huskies i think they are so cute my neghbour when i was a child had a husky and he was really playful though he did sometimes have a tendency to want to dance with you and by dance i later learned that he was trying to do something much more distasteful because thats what dogs do HOLY CRAP I AM SO HYPER but its okay he was still a nice dog and he never hurt me and he liked to play and run around and i liked visiting him but i dont know a lot of people who have huskies anymore its always usually sometimes small dogs i guess because they are easier to care for and manage and dont require so much space to run around in because we increasingly have less and less space i hope that doesnt mean were going to lose big dogs that would be sad OH GOD WHY DID I HAVE THAT TENTH ESPRESSO i dont think we will though because there is still lots of countryside where there is a lot of room for bigger dogs to roam around in so we will probably still have huskies to enjoy for a long time to come yet i am thinking about getting this husky from the woman i dont have any kids though i would have preferred if he was already fixed because i dont want to dance with him but i dont have any other dogs so i wouldnt have to worry about making new little puppies though they sure would be cute wouldnt they of course they would MAYBE I WILL HAVE ANOTHER…

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