Post 275: The Plot Sickens

One of the best (well, certainly not the worst) places to get ideas for writers is the Missed Connections section of Craigslist. Sadly, many of the plots have been done better a dozen times before. Chances are low that any of these people look like movie stars.

This guy has seen too many romcoms set around a wedding.

Morena Camera Lady at Wedding – m4w (Del Mar)

Long shot I know. I met you Saturday afternoon at a wedding in Del Mar.
You said hello in Spanish and I said hello in English. I was more than happy
to help such a lovely lady as yourself with connecting your audio recorder. We did have
a nice chat about work etc. I honestly wished I could have had more of your time
but we were both working. I’d really love to hear more about December as you mentioned
during our conversation. You were wearing a white top with black fitted pants and black boots.
I was wearing my debonair dickies with my button down black polo.

He certainly thinks he’s Matthew McConaughey. And this guy – let’s just not imagine what he was thinking, okay?

Daddy Looking 4 Brunette daughter In Vons Last Week – m4w

I was on my way home from the beach and had to stop at the Vons near my place for some laundry detergent last Wed or Thurs. As i was walking past the frozen foods section, i noticed you in your skin tight blue jean shorts and red shirt. I walked down the isle next to yours, then walked around and walked up to you and we chatted about what kind of ice cream was the best. You then looked down and i saw you try not to notice my bulge coming through my mosaic boardshorts. You then grinned a little and put your hair back behind your ear. When you told me your age, i realized it was prob wise not to ask for your #, but i just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed your hot little bod and the flirting that ensued in the ice cream isle 😉

Why does he have to share the product he went in there after? Sparky, when you get the detergent home, wash out your brain, would you?

This one is NOT Simon Pegg.

Village Pub – m4w

Short haired steelers fan at the village pub Sunday. You were absolutely beautiful! Hope you see this….

That’s so specialized, that she’s only a fan of short haired steelers. But that’s a Sparky for you.

Tune in Monday when we see how Lady Sparkies check out the dudes. All from my local Craigslist.


2 thoughts on “Post 275: The Plot Sickens

  1. Your local Missed Connections is certainly a roller coaster. It runs the gamut from semi-classy to pedo creeperville to incredibly vague yet oddly specific. I think I need some of Sparky the Second’s brain detergent.

    Liked by 1 person

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