Post 279: Fe Fi Faux

Double negatives are not fun. A smart person knows that the double negative twists the meaning of the sentence around, saying the opposite of what the speaker or writer actually means. But the person employing the double negative has no idea he or she has misspoke.

And then Sparky goes and throws in a double adjective. Does that work like a double negative? Does it make the whole thing mean the opposite? Am I over-thinking this?

Free faux fake stone

Free for the taking, I can help you load it. Found a couple pallets of this stuff in the weeds on my property.

Sadly, I waited too long and missed the pictures that accompanied this ad. We will have to close our eyes and imagine what faux fake stone looks like. I bet it’s overpriced at free.

Thanks, Ralph. Keep the Sparkitude coming.


4 thoughts on “Post 279: Fe Fi Faux

  1. O for to [corey] this, t’would be a dissertation among mere walls of words.

    However, “sticky stone” (aka lick-n-stik) is natural stone in small, discrete bits which can be adhered to many interior wall surfaces with nothing mire than thinset mortar.

    Cultured stone is made using molds of actual stones, and filling them with concrete colored with a number of organic pigments. Because the base of that is lightweight concrete, some masons refer to it a “fake ” stone with a great deal of derision and denegration. Which other trades pick up and use indiscriminately.

    What may be Spark’s undoing is that such stones are packed in cardboard boxes before being palleted. Shifting those pallets is likely going to be a mess when the cardboard gives way.

    Almost as much mess as when there are either no corners for the stone, or if they are nothing but corners.

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