Post 280: Rocking Rocker

Have you ever been cruising Craigslist when you come to a picture so ugly, you jump back from you computer and yell “My God, what is that thing?” And you aren’t in the Misc. Romance section.

There isn’t enough brain bleach in the house. What has been seen cannot be unseen. You have been warned.

11″ Antique Primitive Wooden Rocking Rocker Duck -Hand Carved Wood – $40

Old Wooden Rocking Rocker Duck – Hand Carved Wood – Rare!
Rocking Horse Style – original paint

Beautiful Hand Carved Vintage Rocking Duck.
Measures 11″ long beak to tail feathers, 3 1/2″ wide and 8″ tall

Holes in the bottom are to aparently keep the wood from splitting

One guess is this could be a salesman copy to carry around.

This would make a great Gift for the Folk Art, or Doll Collector.
Heavy and robust.
Lovely as toy or decorative item.

Or you could start a fire with it. Kill it with fire. That’s what I would do. Thanks, NinjaChow for an almost scary enough for Halloween post.


5 thoughts on “Post 280: Rocking Rocker

  1. I’ve seen worse things. No, really, I have. Like the handmade ceramic creature-that-defied-description given to me by an erstwhile boyfriend one Christmas. Remind me to find you a picture of the squirrel made of polystyrene and dead vegetation that I “won” in a raffle a couple of years back.

    This might even be useful – if it really is heavy and robust, keep it on a slightly-too-high shelf then it can accidentally fall and hit someone you don’t like on the head. The perfect murder.

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