Post 281: The Two Sides of Nick

Perhaps some of you don’t know this, but I am an amateur bird breeder. Currently I have baby button quail coming out of my ears. As cute as they are, I need to rehome them or find a recipe for them.

Meanwhile, I need to get more cages for them. They are like tiny chickens so they can’t live in an elevated cage with a wire floor. They eat insects, so it’s best if they are on the ground or grass or weeds. There’s a good chance that I will buy these cages listed below, but I will make sure he finds a home for nick first.

Two side bird cage 8 cages total

Bird cages two sided 4 on each side big cages good for cats birds rabbits nick
You need a truck to pick it up it is a big cages -are 6-4-4 I can deliver for a fee

Dude, the cats, rabbits, and nick can live elsewhere. These cages are for the birds. Oh, come on! You had to know I’d go there. Have a nice weekend.


3 thoughts on “Post 281: The Two Sides of Nick

  1. I had to find the ad and look at the photos to figure out how a two-sided cage would hold anything, including nick. Or maybe a side bird is like a side arm? I’m still confused since they don’t appear to have any doors and there are no critters (or nick) in them. I suspect fowl play again.

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