Post 286: To Serve Dog

As we enter the Official Holiday Season, we have new recipes popping up all over Facebook and Pinterest, in the news, and on TV. Lots of sweets using pumpkin spice and egg nog flavors, lots of main dishes you can use in place of turkey.

Some people want Cornish game hens, which are really just chickens, or even fryer chickens. You can go with something exotic like goat or venison. There are lots of vegetarian options. But for something really different, how about dog?

Missing cooker spaniel


My dog got out sometime yesterday(10/16) or today(10/17). I was out of town and my mom went to feed him and he wasn’t there. Off Yo[adrienne] Pkwy in [Location]. Please let me know if you have seen him!!! He is a light colored cooker spaniel and has a blue collar.

This one looks a little small, no wonder they were trying to feed him and fatten him up. People don’t realize how smart dogs are. I bet he saw the recipe and escaped.

Thanks, Ralph, another fine example of Sparky-ness.


4 thoughts on “Post 286: To Serve Dog

  1. Saw “Cocked Spaniard” once, did nit read further for fear it was not an auto correct fail.
    Was a List Dog sign I paases by too quick to photo reading “lost Laboratory Receiver” over a photo of some sort of sheepdog mutt. Mad scientists are everywhere.

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  2. Yup, too big to be a Rooster and too small to be a Friar, so it must be a Cooker. Sparky thought about calling it a Slow Cooker, but didn’t want to hurt its feelings.


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