Post 288: Spiny Norman

Do you ever wonder how special effects were done in the old days before Computer Generated Idiocy (CGI)? The film makers would get the largest iguana, say, and film it running over a model of the city that would be destroyed in the movie. Or they would put a guy in an ape suit and have him go on strike until enough bananas were presented to appease him.

Sometimes the film folks just lucked out and found a really big animal. That was their lucky day. Sadly, now all these super big animals are just hanging around making people sneeze and growing fat on royalties.

Rare 9m old Hedgehog

I have a 9m old rare dark colour hedgehog that sadly I’m allergic to and need to rehome asap cause it’s getting bad. He is very tame but will need time to warm up to you. He’s use to other pets dogs,cats and birds and only puffs up when very scared. There’s a rehoming fee of 200 and a cage if needed. He will come with a bag of his food. Text or email me if interested

Nine meters is really big for a hedgehog. Good thing the seller didn’t state 200 what for the fee. And if he’s of use to the other pets, does he brush them? Feed them? Try to scare them?

Thanks, Ralph, but too bad there were no photos of this monster. Instead enjoy this classic film.

3 thoughts on “Post 288: Spiny Norman

  1. Hey, look, 9m deep brown (Czech) hedgehogs (not for sale)


    This one is not 9m nor dark brown, but is a bit prickly


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