Post 289: YOYO*

Here’s a male Sparky who is selling his guy stuff. I have to wonder if he is turning in his man card and going to pitch for the other side. Sort of a mash up of the movies Everything Must Go and TransAmerica. Both great movies, by the way.

I bet Sparky would want me to come over and see what a lineman’s but set actually is. (Uncle Google suggests it’s a hand set. I don’t think Uncle Google has met many Sparkies.) Here’s the “partial” list.

Guy Garage sale

this is a partial list

Rodent cages
Bird cages
terrerium 18x18x18
12″ X 12″ tles
Garden tools
patio tables = 2
2 handycaped scooters shoprider/parts
Motorcycle boots side entery ‘Prexport’ size 11/46
lots of side body moding 1/2 wide by 10ft self adhesive
Various pices of 1/4 plexiglass/clear largest 5′ X 16″ aprox
several plastic critter covers for 10 gallon aquariums
aquarium/pond water pumps
jug of marbles
sponge filters for AC70/110 and FX5
several boxes of new black tubing for ponds/pumps
whole house water filter
12 inch acrilic cube aquarim
18 inch tall 18 inch diameter 1/4″plexiglass cylinder for aquarium
Fluke and other test gear/electrical
Pipe wrenches
tubing cutter
Old Snap-On M1 ratchet
BSW 3/8″socket set for british vehicles
6″ 1/2 HP bench grinder
2 – 5ft X 1inch table saw extension slide tubes
2 bundles of interlocking flooring
1.5 rolls aluminized foum ulder pad for wood flooring
computer power and other cables
Xbox 360 games/ pc games
axes & hatchets
planters made from plastic barrles good for containing bammboo and ponds
Potted Bamboo and bannana plants
various plant pots
fishing tackle, & rods
Black River ‘Tonkin’ cane rod
Conolon Live Fiber 2 pice fly rod (first ones made of FG)

 Mac G4 tower
Mac PowerBookG4Laptop
2 = 21″ monitors
miscellaneous computer cards/drives/parts
clear sheet vinyl 54″ wide X 25ft
suitable for windows/table covers/ aquarium tops-cover
Master craft 3 roller folding table saw stand
10 inch 15 amp Craftsman table saw
Weedeater 21 inch Gas lawnmower like new
Heavy duty old camera tripod
wet tile saw
8 inch swivel base vice
3 inch swivel base vice
Compound bow
46 inch NEC:S461-R Business-Grade Large-Screen Display
RCA audio video switch box
1/2″ conduit bender
#10/3 Type-S cabitire 60′
several 3/4 & 1″ PVC conduit bends
Old chiming mantle clock with 3 keyholes
4 foot Wrought Iron Railing
part box of Cablevision type wire
88 gall kidney shaped pond
Koi and pond fish
Long mens large Ausie Duster/oilskin New
4 pack new Personal flotation devices/life preservers
Small arms of the world book
Many factory, Chiltons, Motors, and other car manuals
WW2 Dodge Trucks Master Parts list for US Army
Harley Davidson WLC ‘Operation and Maintenance Manual MC-HD1’
Mustang 2 up seat fits 1993 FLHTCU and other years
another softail seat
floor jack large 2 1/2 Ton
1:18 Masito Silver Crossfire Special Edition car BNIB
Spice rack and jars
coin sorter
coffee/herb grinder
Accordion wire panel pet gate
2 power heads for vacuums
3 deadbolts keyed alike
2 sets of 4 Master #3 padlocks keyed alike
1 set of 7 Master #3 padlocks keyed alike new
1 set of 7 Master #1 padlocks keyed alike new
several individual padlocks
hard of hearing phones TT speaker phones
time laps/security VHS recorder and monitor
small shackles
rigging/lifting chains
various ropes
grappling hook
long 5/8″ climbing rope
Photo albums with mutable pages
3 lineman’s but sets
heated ridding vest

**Free **
2 double pane glass from patio doors 34″ X 76″
video camera
not text, no messages, no calls just bring cash

Hard of hearing phones. That explains why no phone calls or messages. Small Shackles. Swivel base vice. Photo albums with mutable pages. Thanks, NinjaChow. *You’re On Your Own with this one.


2 thoughts on “Post 289: YOYO*

  1. I’d like to buy the whole Guy Noir garage – there’s some great stuff in it, and the heated ridding vest will take care of what I don’t want. You can look cool scooting around organizing the stuff in a handycape, and Ive always wanted to pad a foum ulder while doing time laps. I’m not sure about the 88 gall pond, however. There seems to be a current preference for unmitigated gall.

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  2. That’s the /partial/ list? Did the terrier get out of the terrierium and eat the rest?

    Sounds like the Stolen Goods Inventory from the [Location] Police Department.

    So, the padlocks and grappling hook might come in handy.

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