Post 290: The Marriage of Vigaro

In Sparkyville, the opera house is an outdoor amphitheater. The old opera house blew up mysteriously one July 3rd, so the good people just dug a hole and put railroad ties in as seating. The acoustics are pretty good.

The lighting, on the other hand, is pretty bad. Here’s an example.

Candle Operas – $125


Set if two chrome candle operas that extend I’ve six feet tall . would be great for weddings or Halloween decorations . $125 obo

The only candle opera is down in the orchestra pit next to the obos. And they always seem to do the same opera, The Ride of Paul Revere. Or The Big Friendly Giant. Thanks, Ralph. We needed fresh culture in the lounge.


3 thoughts on “Post 290: The Marriage of Vigaro

  1. A long time ago I had a last-minute front-row seat for P.D.Q. Bach’s “The Civilian Barber” – the orchestra was on stage and and the percussionist near me playing the bass drum with a rubber fish was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Even that masterpiece did not use these thingies for lighting. They may be more appropriate for a grade school performance of “Somewhere I’ve the Rainbow.” With crepe paper streamers fluttering between them.


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