Post 298: L’Amour

The classics. Long time fans of You Suck At Craigslist will know these by heart: Not.A.Tiger. The red table. Bees on a Truck. A Winterbagel. Bedazzled Deer Hoofs.

Yet one stands alone in our memories. Possibly because it’s too big for anything else in there.

Lg Amour

make / manufacturer: Ashley
size / dimensions: 40″ wide x 86″ tall

We have a lg amour that’s too big for our bedroom. Big enough for at least a 40 to 42 flat screen tv or put closet pole or shelves for clothes. Please call Lee.

We need the space.


Yes, our love is too big for our bedroom. Submitter Ralph says it best, “I though I had seen every possible variation on this. And it’s even pseudo French Proverbial!”


2 thoughts on “Post 298: L’Amour

  1. A Canadian bird
    Loves a poutine cheese curd
    That’s amour, eh?

    Not in drawers ‘B’ through ‘D’
    So you know it must be
    There In drawer ‘A’….

    Cheeses never saves good in a fake walnut wood,
    It’s not your day.

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